About The Dizazta Network

THE DIZAZTA NETWORK started with a simple idea of bringing good movies, performances, content, music, and more to one place. After years of pondering and connecting the dots. The team here at DIZAZTA TV wanted to combine the music department (DIZAZTA AREA MUSIC), with the radio department (DIZAZTA AREA RADIO), with the video production department (DIZAZTA VISION), to make a conglomerate company and call it THE DIZAZTA NETWORK.

Steven's experiences have taken him through the music, production/post-production, and public relations businesses. Starting out at Dizazta Area Music, Steven has had the opportunity to work closely and develop relationships with vast array of established corporate clients, musicians, magazines, directors, DP's, production coordinators, editors, colorists, sound engineers, CG artists, composers, A&R reps, managers, etc. Trained in multimedia communications.